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The Legend of Zelda - Menu Select The Legend of Zelda - Menu Select

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This beautiful, it's like the version from the ocarina of time mixed with Twilight Princess.

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TravisGladue responds:

hmm now that I think about it sort of does sound like it. I should try some twilight princess songs later. Thank you for listening and I hope you listen to my future songs.

~ [Jungle Revolution] ~ ~ [Jungle Revolution] ~

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The ticking noise get irritating... if you remove it, the music would be a little better.
And it's a bit to long and might cause people with hard ware problems some trouble to download.

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Honeycomb feat. Teto Honeycomb feat. Teto

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Too of my favourite things
Held together by the power of the Internet.
Too create a sandwich of awesomeness... Amen... lets praise to the all mighty raptor jesus.