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2017-01-13 11:44:34 by morganstedmanmsNG

Im redoing some JUS sprites, (because the originals were abit lazy)


This frame is when GE punches something. ("MUDAA")

The yellow flash is inspired by when Giorno uses his bootleg hamon ability (which stuns people). 


This is the pre-attack pose.

!!! Bucket No List !!!

2015-11-21 10:23:50 by morganstedmanmsNG

It turms out i'm crap at managing multiple projects.... from now on,

Im just going to make what I feel like... sorry for dissapointing some pepe's.



soz m8

Hi, I am in dire need of ideas to inspire my future art.

  Suggestions will be greatly favoured.

I will only create stuff in a pixelated style, you can choose the colour palette e.g. 8bit, 16bit, 32bit 64bit.

I will do anything, aslong as it's not furry or yaoi related hentai, because it's really fucking hard to explain that to my friends with out it suggesting that i'm into beastiality and other males.

(If you are into that stuff, i'm sorry for offending you).